Friday 13th

Okay, I’m familiar with this being a superstitious day for some and the series of films by that title wouldn’t have helped but has this day any other significance? I ask as I am really very curious because someone just set off fireworks very close to my house. I’m especially curious why someone would set off fireworks in broad daylight when you don’t get their full effect. Can anyone suggest a good reason for lighting fire lights during the day? All ideas welcome4636CD6C-F750-46D8-A0BA-EE3752C0BE55.png


Something good, to eat

afternoon tea
The idea to post something good, whatever that might be, as a positive post is a good start to the week. (You can see more on this page.)
Anyway, last Friday I took my granddaughter for a girlie day out, just the two of us, and we went to the Beauty and the Beast themed afternoon tea at the Kensington Hotel Townhouse in London. It was very good. And came on a day after two girls at school had made her cry. She’s only 6 and life can be hard at 6, and girls can be mean. This really cheered her up, our special day.

Sir Tom Jones at Greenwich Old Naval College

432874CC-95BA-4832-88CB-76D14464D281.jpegIt was  a balmy night in Greenwich – July 4th. We queued next to an American couple, who were obviously delighted they could celebrate the 4th seeing Tom Jones perform in the grounds of the beautiful Old Naval College in Greenwich.

Like us, they had seen him perform here two years previously and that had been an awesome night, so we were all excited. Could this performance match that? As Tom would say, “Oh, yeah!” If anything it was better. Tom was in great form, the crowd were in great form and we had better seats (not that we sat in them for long) it wasn’t long before everyone was on their feet.

Tom Jones is a great performer and his voice is note perfect and as great as ever. It has not diminished with age at all.

It was a fun night and fun to see fans, some as old as 90, wave knickers when he sang Sex Bomb. Most there had grown with him and followed his career but there were many young, newer fans there too.

If you have not had the chance to catch one of his concerts, treat yourself.