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I’ve spent a few hours trying to squint through the my broken laptop’s screen and have finally added the children’s book to the blurb bookshop.
A lot of friends and relatives wanted it made available to them at a low price so I have added it only as a PDF file and e-book. I hope others will like and buy it too. like me and someone like you


Daily Prompt: Reservation

This rhyme is inspired by a stay at a hotel (which shall remain nameless). It is based on a compilation of my experiences at one or two, but mostly that one hotel over the years

Ode To The Strange Hotel

The strange hotel when you arrive
Won’t ask of you, how was your drive?
Can we help with your bags?
Offer drinks? Wave some flags?
They just slink to the office to skive.

Up rickety stairways you’ll climb,
Through corridors creaking and bending.
You’ll struggle in gloom,
Fail to locate your room,
The search for which seems never ending.

The bedroom itself looks quite jaded.
Though pretty, the curtains have faded.
The wallpaper too, with vertical pattern in blue,
Suggests a makeover’s really belated.

It’s a 6 minutes walk into town.
But by car, dear guest, this they won’t tell.
You’ll be stuck at the lights, until days become nights
In the traffic, the traffic from hell.

Their only restaurant is closed for the night.
You enquire at the desk and are told.
It’s on our website, there – see?
Paragraph 103!!
It won’t matter It has stars of gold.

The strange hotel’s walls are so thin,
You’ll hear the next room breathing in.
And every snore, will become such a bore.
So don’t plan on a weekend of sin.

On arrival you did like the awning,
Under which there’ll be drink until dawning.
You’ve been kept up at night?
They won’t care for your plight,
Or the fact that you spend next day yawning.

In wakefulness, in the small hours.
While you’re staring up at the ceiling.
Unable to sleep, because noises seep,
You’ll notice each spot where paint’s peeling.

They’ll tell you it’s you are to blame
For any problem you face – what a shame.
If the car park is full (prebooked!!)
they’ll act like you are a fool.
Like, didn’t you know there’s a train??!!

The strange hotel staff never say.
Good morning, or how was your stay?
Oh, the breakfast took ages?
Who cares, we’ve got our wages.
All that matters, dear guest, is you pay.

The strange hotel staff are quite rude
And their customer care is appalling.
When they’re faced with an issue
Say, the bathroom’s no tissue.
Their response to these matters is galling.

To be honest, its really alarming,
as the building itself once was charming.
If the receptionist knew, that just one smile or two,
would lighten the mood, be disarming.

It’s like they don’t really want guests.
It’s almost to them we are pests.
And as there are far better places to stay.
Dear guests, let’s just give them their way.

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A new year

2018, a new year for us all. I hope, like me, you have a sense of  so many new beginnings. Very soon it’s also a new birthday year for one of my old school friends.  To celebrate it I’ve made her a birthday card. I hope she will like it. To her a new year, and to all of you my best wishes for 2018.


Legend Sir Magdi Yacoub


I am very much looking forward to attending a Carol service this evening in support of a charity The Chain of Hope, which was established by the eminent heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub. The ethos of the charity is simple: it is a chain whereby everyone in the process donates of their time, service and experience for free, all with the same goal – to provide heart operations for children in developing countries. Some of the children may need operations in the UK so these children stay with host families before and after care.

I call him a legend as he has given so much time and energy over so many years to that end and has saved the lives of hundreds of young people as a result. If that’s not a legend, I don’t know what is.

Daily Prompt: Legend   

Snowing in London

4B89641F-2169-4043-8435-BD953ECEE351It’s snowing in London and though children will love it, as well they should, it’s important to remember those who have mobility issues, the elderly and animals at this time.

On a personal note, it reminded me that my cockerspaniel, Bobby, is not as young as he used to be. In the old days he would bound out to roll in the snow, but this morning simply looked at it in disgust. I guess we all get that way with age. Anyway, try to rekindle the kid in you – enjoy it while it lasts!


Who will you look like?


This is a little verse I wrote for expectant mothers.

Who will you look like?

Who will you look like, my sweet little girl?
Will you have your fathers nose, and your mothers curl?

Whoever you look like, will be a surprise.
You may have my mouth, but your father’s eyes.

Will you be cheerful, will you be kind,
Will you love danger, or seek peace of mind?
Will you be clever, the best in your year,
Be brilliant at music, and play tunes by ear?

You haven’t been born yet, so nobody knows,
But with each day that passes my love for you grows.
And when I finally hold you, you will know this for sure.
I’ll love you forever, and that love will endure.