They – a short film

Hi there,

It was the start of this new year and I was thinking about one of my new year resolutions to embark on a longer children’s book when I received a message from a producer. I had worked with her before on a couple of short films before, with some success. She hoped I could write something for her latest project, an idea she had for a competition.

The result of our collaboration is a short film called They

Please give it a view and a thumbs up if you like it. cc161221-18cd-41f2-ba27-45f4ff688684

Remembrance Day 2018

This year marks the centenary of the end of World War 1 and as a tribute I drew the following today. The first is the original sketch based on an idea I had and the second is the coloured version. I hope the sentiment comes through even if the drawing is a bit rough.


In The Shade of The Mango Tree


Good morning, readers. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful autumn weather wherever you are.
Just a quick post to let you know that my book for children is now available as an e-book (it’s also on Blurb if you prefer paper). You can find In The Shade of The Mango tree here.
It’s about a little lost monkey who wants to find his way back home.
If it’s not your thing, can you please repost if you think some of your followers would be interested? That would be really helpful. Thank you

I’ve written a book for children and now I’m doing the illustrations

When I wrote my first picture book I asked an illustrator to do the drawings. I had already paid her to do two so that I could assess her work and I really liked the work she did. However, months went by and she hadn’t done any more. Finally she told me that she only draws for the love of it. Fine! So I decided, rather than go through the whole thing again of finding an illustrator, that I would try doing the drawings myself. The result of that is on a link at “about me” and it’s available as an ebook

I’m now working on the illustrations for my second story. Here are a few.

A fun family day out might be on your own doorstep

We went to what’s known locally as the bunny park yesterday in Hanwell. It is actually Brent Lodge Park I used to take my children there so it was good to see that the council have done a really good job in investing in this facility and the maintenance of the park, in particular the mini zoo, which was revamped and, at £3 for adults and £1.50 for kids over three, is really affordable. Under 3s go free. There are two very good play areas outside the zoo area and the maze, all of which are obviously free and a cafe which is not just a coffee shop but serves all sorts of hot food. Sometimes the best places are on your doorstep (if you remember to look!).

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I’m kind of new to wordpress, certainly new enough to not have a clue about reblogs, pingbacks and all that. I just saw this heading and reblogged it, whatever THAT means. but I don’t think I am going to be sharing anyone else’s page. my intent was just to repost, as requested, the original page. Crazy stuff, this. And I thought Twitter was difficult to navigate…phew!


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The End of The Road

angel ant

I did a dreadful thing the other day. I know it was dreadful, as I’m still thinking about it, but in the words of all those who plead innocence, I didn’t mean it. Honest!
What happened was, as I was approaching the roundabout leading into Brighton, I noticed what looked like a wasp land on the windscreen. In a kneejerk reaction I switched on the wipers (just to nudge the pesky thing on it’s merry little way, you understand) when I realised, too late, that it was one of those big flying ants. So, I switched off the wipers and as it crawled along, thought, phew, that’s all right then, and then I saw that the bottom half had been severed off….ugh.
I’m driving along again now, at a snail’s pace, obviously (we’re talking about entering Brighton on a sunny weekend here) and it’s there, right in my eyeline, flapping its wings trying to take off, but still crawling along somehow too, not limping or anything, as if it’s not even aware that it’s lost the lower half of its body. Maybe an ant doesn’t even need that part, I thought…yeah,that’s it, it’ll be okay, it’ll fly, it’ll be all right, I’ve not done anything wrong, it’s probably even more mobile now, with less weight to lug along. Yeah. But it’s still circling the windscreen, decreasing circles now. Come on, fly, you, you, thing.
But it didn’t fly, it just kind of wandered out of sight and I never saw it again.

I’d like to think, since it couldn’t see the damage done to it, it never felt it and that ignorance really is bliss, and if it died, it died happy, or at least ignorant.
Still, and I know there are more important things to worry over in this life, it wasn’t pleasant.

Sorry, angel ant. I hope there’s an ant afterlife.

Friday 13th

Okay, I’m familiar with this being a superstitious day for some and the series of films by that title wouldn’t have helped but has this day any other significance? I ask as I am really very curious because someone just set off fireworks very close to my house. I’m especially curious why someone would set off fireworks in broad daylight when you don’t get their full effect. Can anyone suggest a good reason for lighting fire lights during the day? All ideas welcome4636CD6C-F750-46D8-A0BA-EE3752C0BE55.png